Lulu at work...

lulu’s studio at Stanley and Hazel in Milwaukie, Oregon

lulu’s studio at Stanley and Hazel in Milwaukie, Oregon



Hello!  My name is Lulu Moonwood Murakami.  I am an artist, craftsperson, designer and maker.  I invite you to peruse my portfolios, my shop, and my blog*, and I hope you will find something that intrigues and delights you!

For all inquiries regarding artwork for sale, workshops, and teaching in schools, please contact me via my studio email:  Thanks!

*My blog has been moved to I invite you to visit and leave comments there! I am also very active on instagram: @lulumoonwoodmurakami. See you there! 

Artist Statement

I have an insatiable appetite for color, pattern, and texture.  I find them irresistible as I take in my visual and tactile surroundings.  Some of my inspirations include traditional and contemporary folk art, autumn leaves trembling beneath steel blue skies, overgrown gardens, skeins of dyed yarn nested in baskets, and traditional ethnic costumes rich in pattern and adornments.  Juxtapositions of colors and contrasts of textures exhilarate my senses as well as my psyche. 

Through textile and mixed media arts I am able to bring many of these influences together.  Working with prints, patterns, and bold colors, I use stitching, painting, and embellishments to build a rich, tactile surface that evokes emotion and memory.   

I am interested in the ways we humans have communicated over the centuries, not only through language but also through the visual cues, colors, and symbols that we choose as an expression of our selves.  I see these communications in clothing, art and architecture, and the way we use found objects.  By borrowing, adapting, and creating new symbols, my own ability to communicate the unspoken evolves.  

With gratitude,