classes with lulumoon

 I am thrilled to be able to offer classes in my beautiful studio in Milwaukie, Oregon (right next door to Portland)!

Welcome to the class offerings for 2019. This year I’ll be offering studio classes on specific dates. To sign up or to ask questions please call and leave a message at 503-683-2129, or you may send me an email at  In the message please let me know the following:

  • Which class you are interested in

  • Your email address and your phone number

  • For children’s classes, please tell me your child’s name and age

I will get back to you as soon as possible to confirm your registration. For payment I accept checks, credit cards, Paypal, and cash.

Some general class information:

  • Classes are limited to 8 students.

  • For classes that involve machine sewing, a working knowledge of sewing and your own machine are required.

  • Classes are designated for adults or children, but if your child is an experience artist/crafter and you feel they would be mature enough for an adult class, please contact me.

  • Please bring your own snacks or lunch as needed.

  • Some class materials are provided, but students may be required to bring additional materials, so please read those carefully.

  • Reassurance for children’s classes: I am a licensed public school teacher with background clearance. I currently teach art residencies at public schools throughout the Portland Metro area.

I look forward to exploring and learning with you in the studio!

Thank you! 



SUPER MINI YOU - January 26, 2019


11 a.m. to 5 p.m.

In this class the torso will be prepared for you so that you can start class by sculpting the face with paper clay.  Next you'll stuff and paint arms & legs, then stitch a super hero cape and skirt.  Finally we'll paint the face and add hair.

Ages: 12 - adult. Sewing machine experience is helpful but not necessary.

Price: $75

The price of this class includes:

Doll pattern, stuffing, paper clay, gesso, use of my paints, pencils and other tools, and wool roving for hair.

Students should bring:

Fun fabrics skirt and craft felt in your choice of color for cape, scissors, sewing thread. Optional: sewing machine.

Please bring your own snack or lunch.

Thread doodling & free-motion quilting

Thread doodling & free-motion quilting

THREAD DOODLING - February 9, 2019

11 a.m. to 3 p.m.

Learn how to lower those feed dogs and do free-motion stitching on your sewing machine.  You'll go from basic to fancy line work, creating some fun and fanciful doodles that can lead into beautiful designs for free-motion quilting!

Three- to four-hour class, depending on students' abilities.

Ages: This class is suitable for teens and adults.  Sewing machine experience is required.

Price: $45

The price of this class includes:

muslin, batting, stabilizer, and practice designs

Students should bring:

  • Sewing machine in good working order, with capability to lower the feed dogs, or a feed dog plate cover

  • Black sewing machine thread

  • Scissors

Please bring your own snack or lunch. 

March 25-29, 2019 - Spring break classes for children, ages 6-12

9 a.m. to 1 p.m. Please bring your own snacks and/or lunch

Choose the classes you want to take, or sign up for the whole week! Each day is $20, all materials supplied.

Monday and Tuesday: Dollmaking 101. (Please note this is a two-day class, $20 each day.) Students will create their own cloth and clay doll!

Wednesday: Stamp making - Students will learn to create different kinds of stamps and then print designs with them.

Thursday: Painted papers collage - Students will paint colorful papers and then create a collaged image with them, a la author and illustrator Eric Carle!

Friday: Little Monsters - Students will learn basic hand-sewing while making a cute little monster.

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Embroidery Embellishment

Embroidery Embellishment

11 a.m. to 3 p.m.

Adding embroidery stitches to you appliqué can make your piece into a work of art.  In this class you'll learn some simple and some fancy stitches to add to your sewing repertoire.  These stitches are suitable for embroidering on cotton, felt, wool, and even velvet, so that you can adorn quilts, pillows, wall hangings, and even clothing.

Three hour class

Ages: This class is suitable for teens and adults.  No machine skills needed.

Price: $45

The price of this class includes:

All materials and tools needed

Please bring your own snack, if needed.

Patchwork Ponies

Patchwork Ponies


11 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Giddy-up!  Round up some cute coordinating fabrics!  In this class I’ll share my Patchwork Pony pattern with you and teach you the tips and tricks to put it all together.

Ages: This class is suitable for teens and adults.  Sewing machine skills needed.

Price: $45

The price of this class includes: Pattern and instructions for the ponies, stuffing, use of specific tools

Students will need to bring:

  • Sewing machine

  • Two fabrics that you like together. Woven cottons or linens work best (no knits, please). The larger piece needs to be 3/8 of a yard (or a scrap that is at least 18 x 20); the smaller piece needs to be ¼ yard (or a scrap that is at least 12 x 15 inches)

  • Thread to coordinate with your fabrics

  • Scissors

  • Yarn or fabric strips for the mane

  • Optional: buttons for eyes

Note: If you’re a quick stitcher and stuffer, you may have time to make 2 ponies!  Bring some more fabric for that.

Please bring your own lunch.

STAMP CARVING - June 15, 2019

11 a.m. to 3 p.m.

In this class we'll create our own rubber stamps.  I'll give you tips and tricks for creating a variety of image types.  I'll also share information about letterboxing: a fun activity that lets you put your carved stamps to good use!

Stamp carving

Stamp carving

Ages: Teen to adult. Please note: Cutting tools will be used.

Price: $45

The price of this class includes:

Use of tools and ink pads

Stamp carving material


Students should bring their own snack or lunch.



I also teach classes at Art & Soul Retreats in Portland.  Following are samples of classes I have taught at the retreat.  To learn more about Art & Soul Retreats and sign up for classes, please visit the Art & Soul website:


The Right Brain Initiative

I am very fortunate to be working with The Right Brain Initiative, an organization that puts together artists and Portland Metro area schools. Together we bring inspiration and art to students and encourage teachers to integrate art into the curriculum. I have done art projects that combine art with science, math, language arts, social studies, and interpersonal development. It’s a wonderful program with a great variety of professional artists. If your school would like more information about the program, please contact The Right Brain Initiative at or call 503.823.5111. Their website is Below are some of the projects I have done with students.