Cuteness and Light

I seem to be running at full steam from one project to the next lately - so much to catch up on!  I will attempt to get to it over the next two weeks.  For tonight, a peek at a personal project for an overdue gift giving.  Presenting, Three Lil Critters:

I haven't made any Lil Critters in a long time, but I'm hoping they will be loved by the young recipient.  After practicing painting this style of face again, I chose my favorite three, and then had fun in the fabric stash picking out just the right pj's!  Above, this is what they look like before the bodies are stuffed.  And now, here they are finished!

Oh, dear!  Sometimes I like my little characters so much I want to keep them for myself!  But I know they are going to a good home.

xoxo, lulu